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Gravity is working against me

<< After Mom explains what gravity is >>
Maya: "Damn gravity... if it wasn't for it I could be a fairy!"
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The mic

Mom: Maya, would you like piano lessons or guitar lessons?
Maya: I'd like microphone lessons, please...

OK Google #2

Maya: OK Google, sing me a song
<< Google Home starts playing some music >>
Maya: OK Google, stop. Where is your face?

Do I need a jacket or not?

Maya: "Alexa, do I need a jacket?"
Alexa:<< Replies with the weather report >>
Maya: "Alexa doesn't understand me :( "

OK Google...

"OK Google, play Papparazzi like Alexa does!"
- Maya, 4

The Finger Family Tragedy

After watching YouTube videos for The Finger Family, Maya starts playing with imaginary Sister Finger, Brother Finger and Baby Finger speaking in her tiny, tiny voice. This was the exchange that happened next: 
Maya: "Look dad, Sister Finger is in this hand and Brother Finger and Baby Finger are in this other hand".
Me: "Awesome, Maya. High five?"
Maya: Yes!
** We high five **
Maya: "Oh no, we just crushed Baby Finger!"