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Gravity is working against me

<< After Mom explains what gravity is >> Maya: "Damn gravity... if it wasn't for it I could be a fairy!"
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The mic

Mom : Maya, would you like piano lessons or guitar lessons? Maya : I'd like microphone lessons, please...

OK Google #2

Maya: OK Google, sing me a song << Google Home starts playing some music >> Maya: OK Google, stop. Where is your face?

Do I need a jacket or not?

Maya: "Alexa, do I need a jacket?" Alexa: << Replies with the weather report >> Maya: "Alexa doesn't understand me :( "

OK Google...

"OK Google, play Papparazzi like Alexa does!" - Maya, 4

The Finger Family Tragedy

After watching YouTube videos for The Finger Family , Maya starts playing with imaginary Sister Finger, Brother Finger and Baby Finger speaking in her tiny, tiny voice. This was the exchange that happened next:  Maya: "Look dad, Sister Finger is in this hand and Brother Finger and Baby Finger are in this other hand". Me: "Awesome, Maya. High five?" Maya: Yes! ** We high five ** Maya: "Oh no, we just crushed Baby Finger!"